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BLUWASH (Portable Bidet)

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BLUWASH (Portable Bidet)

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 Brand Name




BLUWASH Portable bidet, Travel bidet

  • baby's tender skin : before changing baby's diapers, wash them with bidet.
  • reliving discomfort of hemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements, constipation.
  • women during menstrual periods.
  • traveling
  • people in their cast, or other kind of body disabilities.
  • Bidet provides more effective feminine hygiene during menstrual periods, giving women a greater sense of freshness and confidence. Using bidet could be a good chance for your menarchial daughter to have her clean habit.
  • Bidet's gentle, cleansing stream of water provides relief to the people who suffers from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids,difficult bowel movements, constipation, and to those recovering from colorectal or general surgery. And it also has preventive effect of relapse.
  • Cause it is made to be portable, the application is very simple and easy.
  • No battery is needed, no more environmental problems happen.                       
Dimension In use: 60x50x220mm
Folded: 60x50x144mm
Water capacity 140cc
Water spray 4.5ml/sec
Net weight 140g
Gross weight

150g (packed in pouch)

160g (packed in carton)

Inner carton


(in case of carton packing)

Outer carton Depending




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